Tree services

We offer a variety of tree services. Please look below for more info.

our services

tree removal


Taking down trees, cutting them up & hauling them away. 


Trimming / Thinning

Have a tree that has grown a little out of hand? Tree trimming and thinning helps reduce the chance of it coming down in a windstorm.

stump grinding

Stump Removal

No stump is too big or too small. Grind it up and haul it away.

a bit more info

let the pros handle it

Whether you have a tree come down in a windstorm, or simply need one shaped up and thinned out - we got you covered.

Why risk sending a 5 ton tree hurdling towards your garage when you could have just saved time and money calling us?

quality services

Expect top notch tree services when you use us. We make sure to keep safety and your property our main priorities.

We hold all necessary liability insurance policies.

Affordable pricing

Getting prices for tree removal in Canton can be confusing. Why is company A estimating $1800 & company B is quoting $600? Is one over priced or one under skilled?

We practice no gouge pricing and stay in line with all market pricing for tree services in Canton and surrounding areas. We also have the skills to complete your job.

Reach out to us. What have you got to lose?


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