Spring and Fall Cleanup Services

Spring and Fall Cleanup Services for Residential & Commercial Properties

Seasonal changes can cause havoc to your landscaping. Leaf litter, debris, and organic decays aren’t just unsightly, but can also impact the health of your lawn. When not cleaned in a timely manner, the unwanted organic debris can affect the soil chemistry, cause plant-related diseases, or promote dead spots in the turf. Preserve the aesthetic beauty and health of your landscaping with professional spring and fall cleanup services in Canton Ohio.

Our Prompt & Efficient Spring Cleanup Services 

Spring is the season of green, bringing everything bright, fresh, and colorful. However, leaf litters, compacted soil, debris, and thinned grass from harsh winter months can be bothersome. Don’t worry. We offer a broad range of spring cleanup services in Canton Ohio that includes: 

  • Cleaning the old organic debris and decays 
  • Aerating the turf to reduce the problems of compacted soil and thatching 
  • Clearing the flower beds and garden debris 
  • Trimming and pruning the bushes and plants for summer growth 
  • Vacuuming leftover leaves from turf and garden areas 
  • Planting softscape elements like annual flowers and plants 

Professional Fall Cleanup Services You Can Trust

Fall is a favorite season due to its colorful foliages and pleasant weather that everyone falls in love with. But it is also that time of the year when there is a lot of outdoor cleaning to be done – picking the branches and sticks, raking leaves, or preparing the plants for harsh winter months. For fall cleanup in Canton Ohio, trust Fili Property Maintenance. Our services include: 

  • Cleaning and compositing leaf debris 
  • Fall-season weed control 
  • General cleanup of organic decays and clutter 
  • Mowing the grass and trimming or shaping the plants 
  • Mulching 
  • Fertilizing the lawn and protecting the flowers, trees, and plants 

Spring and fall cleanup in Canton Ohio can be an annoying experience for you. Have an expert like us who does it every day and is already set up for it to take care of your seasonal cleanup and maintenance services and give your landscaping the expert care it deserves.  

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