Landscape & Hardscape

Give your property a new look, or freshen up something already there.

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Mulch & stone

Getting flower beds to look good takes serious work. Whether you need mulch or stone, we got you covered

Bush Trimming & shaping

Shaping and trimming bushes is a must if you want to keep your landscaping looking clean and fresh. Let us handle it for you.



Let us take care of your flower or vegetable garden planting this year. Need a new tree? No problem.

Spring & Fall cleanup

Winter can leave your property with leftover leaves, tree limbs and sticks, trash etc. Let us come clean it up and haul it away for you.


patios & walkways

Whether its a blue stone patio or a paver walkway, we have you covered. Ask us how we can help you design your next project.


Retaining walls

Whether its structural or simply for aesthetics we can handle any retaining wall project.

A bit more info

let the pros handle it

Landscape in general is hard work. First you have to have the eye to design it. Then you gotta plan and prep the site for install making sure you measure correctly and get all the materials. THEN you actually do the work.

This can be a scary process. Skip the frustration and hire someone who does this everyday.

quality services

We aim to provide quality landscaping and hardscaping services in Canton OH and surrounding areas.

Give us a call to plan your next project!

Affordable pricing

With us, what you see is what you get. We make sure to walk you through the entire estimate to make sure you understand exactly how we came to our price.

Reach out to us. What have you got to lose?


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