Reasons why DIY excavation projects are dangerous and more expensive

Are you trying to do landscaping in Ohio, like grading, trenching, installing decks, patios & walkways, or tree removal – all by yourself? We strongly suggest against it. It is better to get the help of professionals who offer light excavation in Canton.

DIY excavation projects like adding a pool or a fountain in your yard may seem simple but can turn out to be dangerous and more expensive. These jobs require expertise, and when you try to DIY any excavation project, you are inviting a lot of unnecessary issues. Take into consideration the risk factors involved before you plan to start your DIY excavation project.


1. Dangers of Land Cave-ins/ Collapse


Cave-ins/ collapsing of land is a serious threat to safety, even for professional excavation workers. While doing it yourself, you may find that the composition of soil and stone differs from places to places. In some areas, stone-bed runs deep, forming the foundation of your house while at other areas, it’s porous with water trickling.

If you are not an expert at this job, the risk of getting stuck in a massive cavity underground goes high. Only an experienced light excavation company or Excavation Contractors in Canton will have the tools and knowledge to spot such areas. They can implement a system that prevents cave-ins and take measures to block critical injury.

2. Dangers of Utility Damage


A garden may look beautiful with landscaping in Ohio but, under it, a complicated system goes on. The utility lines laid, like gas, water, and electricity below can face a risk of damage if you do excavation without proper knowledge of them.

It can destroy the surroundings, and fixing the problem will cost a lot more than asking for the help of a professional Excavating company in Canton.


3. Dangers of Atmospheric Hazards


Digging up 6 feet and above trenches by yourself to install a septic tank or exterior drainage can be hazardous and expensive too.

Apart from the risk of damage to the utility lines, deep trenches may contain pockets of toxic gases and chemicals. Such installations may require legal permits as well as atmospheric testing by a qualified professional. Any minor mistake in excavating can be dangerous for everyone nearby.

Excavating Contractors use advanced digging tools and respiratory protection equipment for such hazardous excavation projects that are comparatively expensive to buy.


4. Dangers of Law Breaking

Most people think they can do whatever they want on their property. But that is not true! There are different laws that you risk to break. So, if you engage in a DIY excavation project, ensure to know the rules. Otherwise, it can result in fines, and authorities could even force you to cut your project short.

Proper assessment, testing of the excavation site, and explicit permission from your local government, everything can be a time-consuming affair. Hiring a licensed light excavation company in Canton is a far better and less expensive solution than taking the headache of doing it yourself.

Fili Property Maintenance understands that excavation is a complex task than just digging a hole. Talk to us at 330-904-4196 today about all your excavation needs, and we can help you set things up.

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  1. It’s good to know that there are laws regarding what kind of earthmoving you can do on your property, so if you’re going to DIY it, you need to know them. My husband and I need to have our backyard cleared because we would like to put a pool in, and we don’t have enough clear space right now. In order to make sure that we don’t break any laws and to make sure everything will get done correctly, it would be smart to hire professionals instead of trying to do it ourselves.

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