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Dirty Pathways? We Are TheReliable Power Washers in Canton, Ohio.


Here at Fili Property Maintenance Co., we provide custom power washing for every kind of requirement. We offer affordable, reliable, and professional power washing in Canton, Ohio.


Residential Power Washing Services


We use the best power washing tactics to clean your homes. The exteriors of your home will become squeaky clean after a single session of power washing done by us. Get ready to have an astounding result because your home will look like a brand new.

Your deck will be completely restored when we’ll give it a professional power washing treatment. To make sure that there is no harm to your home, a low-pressure power washing is used wherever required.

A stream of hot or cold water is used to clean the exterior of your home. Our power washing techniques can transform your home completely!

Commercial Power Washing Services


The commercial power washing performed by our professionals is specialized to handle your commercial unit with utmost care. We use the proper equipment to clean commercial exteriors. We utilize hot and cold-water pressure washing to fully clean an office or other workplace.

Other Surface Cleaning Services


Cleaning should not just be limited to the internal of any home or office. You never know what the exterior of your home or office is going through. Your walkways, decks, and other areas may have too much dirt accumulated on its surface. Power washing services is the only solution to get rid of it.

Does it annoy you when you see your dirty walkways, deck, patio, or any other exterior? Call us and relax! We use customized power washing to clean all the exteriors of your home or office. You will be amazed to see the results.

We are ready to give you a before and after power washing feels. Call us today to get an initial estimation and professional inspection at your premises.

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