Lawn installation Services Canton, Ohio

We Install The Lawn Of Your Dreams…

Imagine a perfect lawn installed in your home or office. The lawn that matches your landscape and looks fresh is the only thing you desire. We offer complete lawn installation services in Canton, Ohio. Give us a chance for Lawn installation in Canton, Ohio, we will turn out to be the most attractive lawn you’ve ever seen.

Do You Need A Lawn That Makes Your Neighbors shocked?

It is a different kind of feeling when you have a lawn that is the talk of the neighborhood. We make it possible for you. Your lawn will be appealing to your eyes and requires less maintenance.

From removing the existing lawn to preparing the surface and planting new grass, we do it all. After closely examining the soil, we use the following actions to install the best lawns for you:

  1. Seed Installation – If your lawn has existing grass but it is either thin or damaged at a few places, then seeding is the solution for you. The additional care will regenerate the grass in the problematic areas of the lawns.
  2. Hydro-Seeding –If the lawn has no grass at all then this option is optimum. It also works with uneven terrain and new construction sites. We will perform sub-grading for proper drainage and then topsoil will be installed. The final step is finished draining and your perfect lawn is just on the way to grow.
  3. Sod Installation –If you need a lawn that becomes green quickly, then this option is most suitable for you. Sod is not weather dependent. However, it requires regular maintenance and proper sunlight along with watering.


If you need a lawn that stays lush green throughout the season, then you can trust Fili Property Maintenance Co. We give our hearts to maintain every lawn that comes our way. Your lawn will be managed by us after a lot of planning and inspection. We only believe in giving you the solution you need. That too at an affordable price.

If lawn installation in Canton, Ohio is on your mind, give us a call now!

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