Land & Lot Clearing Services Company Canton, Ohio

Land Clearing Company Canton, Ohio


Fili Property Maintenance Co. has highly skilled professionals to provide land clearing in Canton, Ohio. Land clearing is extremely important for new projects. It makes the land, project ready. We take pride in converting a forested or overgrown plot, abandoned building, or a non-functional pool into a clear area.

We use all different types of equipment to aid us in getting rid of unwanted trees and other material from your land. Some of the different pieces of equipment we use are – bulldozers, tractors, tree shearers, stump hogs, power racks, mulchers, and more.

Our team members are the land clearing experts in Canton, Ohio you can rely on. We believe in going above and beyond for every client. Our company has a track record of excellent land clearing service Canton, OH and honestly, we love doing it!


Residential and Commercial Land Clearing Services


Land clearing is not a user friendly DIY task. It seems easy in theory to remove trees, shrubs, brush and other stuff, but its not. Without the right tools for the job you run the risk of hurting yourself or others. Having the right equipment for the job is very crucial to get a land clearing job efficiently and safely.

We get it. Most people look at a land clearing job and think “I could do that” or “hiring is expensive” but once you look at the time, and the costs of renting the equipment yourself, you’ll start to see that hiring a professional can actually save you money.


Types of Lands We Clear


  • Residential Land –If you are going to build your dream home and need the land to be leveled and clear, look no further than Fili Property Maintenance Co.
  • Commercial Land – Found a perfect place to run your business? But before starting the project it must be cleared adequately. That’s when you need to call us!


Ready to Have A Clear Land Before Building Something New?


Give us a call so that our experts can come for an initial inspection of the land. Prior consultation can clear so many doubts that are coming in your minds before getting started. It also gives you an exact price estimation within a few minutes. Get in touch with us now!


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