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Brush Hogging Made Easy in Canton, Ohio

At Fili Property Maintenance Co., we use a large brush hog to cut grass and shrubs from your fields or any other part of your property that may need it. Our team members have loads of experience clearing land or pastures with thick brush, trees and everything in between.

Why Do You Need Brush Hogging?

Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider hiring a brush hogging expert.

  • Lot Clearing for Construction: If your looking to build an out building or anything else on your property and it is overrun with weeds, tall grasses or any other invasive species of plants and brush, it may be time to hire someone who can help. We can clear out all brush, trees and stumps to make your lot a lot easier to build on. Need grading work done to prep for your building? Check out how we can help here.
  • Maintenance: Tired of looking at your overgrown fields or farm grass? Maybe you didnt get your first mow of the season in and its too tall for a regular mower. We can help!
  • Improves the Soil: Field mowing is crucial for farmers or anyone who uses the land to grow crops. When many crops are grown on the land, weed, and grass also grows along with it. If not removed on time, the excessive grass can make the soil weak to further grow any other crop.

Brush Hogging Services

We offer premium brush hogging services in the Canton area. Our services are not limited to a particular type of property. We handle both residential and commercial land mowing with utmost perfection.

We provide hogging for fields, empty lots, commercial lots, yards, pastures, and many more. Our mowing experts can make any land grass-free. Even if it is less than 1 acre or a large lot!



Each land is different so does the need for mowing. If you have a small lot, the charge will be a lot less. On the other hand, a huge field requires several hours to get rid of unwanted grass. Thus, the pricing for brush hogging will be higher than usual. If you need to know the charges to make your land free from any grass, give us a call. We will give you a price estimate after proper inspection of your land.

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